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Find The Perfect Gifts This Holiday Season
Personality Type is the Key!
By Kip Parent,

Want a sure fire way to crash the holiday spirit? Just let your eyes show how little you think of the gift you just opened from your sweetheart that he or she spent days thinking about, hunting down, and then fighting through the hordes of Holiday shoppers to purchase before lovingly wrapping with just the right colored paper and bow.

We surveyed 4,268 Personalityzone readers to find out what types of gifts they like to receive, as well as give. We found wide differences between Guardians, Artisans, Idealists, and Rationals - differences in intentions and expectations that could be the cause of that look of disappointment at gift-exchange time. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to avoid the agony of the above scene.

Guardians have a pronounced preference for both giving and receiving gifts with sentimental value. Hint to husbands and boyfriends: engraved jewelry and keepsakes are a "can't miss" with most Guardian women. One husband I know gives his wife a porcelain figurine each year, and the very pleased Guardian wife now has a collection numbering in the dozens that she proudly displays. For the Guardian husband or boyfriend, the most appreciated gifts are practical or useful. Extravagant and hand-made gifts are the least likely to be at the top of Guardians' most appreciated gifts. Of the four temperaments, Guardians also are the most likely to appreciate you telling them exactly what you would like, and they are similarly pleased if you ask and get them exactly what they put on their wish list.

Idealists, like Guardians, most appreciate giving and receiving gifts with sentimental value. However, there is a major difference - Idealists like giving and receiving gifts that are hand-made by the giver, feeling that this best shows the depth of their personal feelings for the recipient. So, Guardian - Idealist pairs are in for some potential major hurt feelings if they are unaware of this difference. Idealists also differ from Guardians in not particularly valuing practical gifts - they would much rather receive a gift they consider fun. The least likely type of gift to turn on the Idealist? Don't spend a lot of time searching for the latest gadget if your honey is this personality.

Artisans agree with Idealists in appreciating fun gifts, and sentimental things also appeal to them. This suggests gifts that go with activities that remind your sweetie of the fun and pleasurable things you do together. Did your Artisan mate propose to you while scuba diving? An engraved dive watch, or pearl earrings might be just the gift to light up his or her face. Extravagance also appeals to the Artisan - and the bigger, the better! A surprise romantic weekend with great food, wine, and massages may be just thing to produce a look of true pleasure when the gift box is opened. Or just go for it - plane tickets to Maui, with a reservation on Kaanapali Beach!

When it comes to gift exchanges, Rationals are consistent. They express low interest in both giving and receiving gifts. When they actually do have an interest, they are most likely to favor giving or receiving extravagant gifts, or skipping the effort and giving gift certificates or money. Setting up yet another mismatch with their non-Rational mates, they show the least amount of interest in giving or receiving sentimental gifts - so if you are hoping for that engagement ring from your Rational boyfriend this season, don't be shy about giving a few hints. Since they are least likely to get excited about the sentiment, go ahead and hint for the extravagant! There's no reason that diamond shouldn't be eye-catching! Rationals also overwhelmingly prefer shopping online - so another method of unsubtle hinting is emails with links to the ordering pages for things you'd like. If you're choosing a gift for your Rational mate, they are most likely to appreciate the latest gadget - and the more extravagant and hard to obtain, the better... (but you probably had already figured that one out).


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