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Synergy Leaders is always looking for outstanding professionals to help clients achieve breakthrough organizational performance, and to continually build a world class firm. Synergy Leaders looks for individuals who show innovation in their work, finesse for inspiring people, critical thinking skills, and the ability to consistently deliver results. Given our rapid growth, we are particularly interested in candidates who have proven leadership ability and enthusiasm for helping us impact more clients with Keirsey Solutions. We work with exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and a drive for achievement. We evaluate people on the following characteristics:

  • Entrepreneurial. We work with highly talented individuals and firms who have been successful in building their own enterprise. We partner with entrepreneurs who have demonstrated success in their field, and are leaders in the services they provide.

  • People Insight. We work with individuals who are committed to be life long learners about People Matters™. Synergy Leaders consultants, coaches, and trainers are seasoned Temperament Certified™ Professionals who have gained the respect and admiration of clients as experts in People Matters™.

  • Results Oriented. We work with individuals who strive to deliver distinctive and enduring results. This requires incredible energy, determination and discernment. Synergy Leaders professionals aim to provide superior results to their clients, and aim to build longstanding client relationships.

  • Personal Presence. We work with individuals who have strong communication skills—particularly when addressing differing points of view. Synergy Leaders professionals are adept at establishing trusting relationships with clients to enlist their participation and support. They are able to engage their audience, listen actively, and have confidence marked by humility.

  • Leadership. The ability to lead others and foster productive teamwork are critical to success with Synergy Leaders. You need excellent leadership skills to bring people together to drive positive change within organizations. Individuals who partner with Synergy Leaders are accomplished and well-rounded, with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

To be considered as a Synergy Leaders consultant, trainer or coach, one must have at least two years of experience utilizing Keirsey as a Temperament Certified™ professional. Synergy Leaders professionals serve clients in three main areas: Consulting, Training, and Coaching.

  • Synergy Leaders Consultants are extremely observant, analytical, have tremendous energy, determination, and discernment. They have leadership ability, and know how to work synergistically to serve our clients, providing superior results and insight relating to an organization’s People Matters.

  • Synergy Leaders Trainers are dynamic, energetic, and engaging. They have creative ability, and an acute awareness of whether learning outcomes are on target. They have expertise in what they teach, and have the ability to connect learning to an organization’s most important goals and objectives.

  • Synergy Leaders Coaches are insightful, natural listeners, ethical, strategic, patient, and adaptive. They are experts in understanding leaders and the unique challenges they face. They have a “forward” orientation, always looking to facilitate distinctive and lasting impact for a leader’s capabilities.

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