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Individuals from a broad spectrum of backgrounds have discovered that understanding People Matters™ can be the most important factor to the roles they play both professionally and personally. Temperament Certified™ professionals use their knowledge of Keirsey Temperament Theory™ to apply it for a wide array of different contexts and solutions. The following is a partial list of different professions using the Temperament Certification™.

Human Resource Professionals
Organizational Development Consultants
Instructors / Presenters
Sales and Marketing Managers
Marketing Strategists
Marriage and Family Therapists
Executive Coaches
Teachers / Educators
Leadership Development Experts
Clergy Members / Church Leaders
Educational / Career Counselors
Instructional Designers
E-Learning Developers
Chief Learning Officers
Training Managers / Directors

No matter what industry you are a part of, every enterprise deals with people. You may be part of a large multi-national corporation, a small or medium business, government entity, educational institution, non-profit, or a faith based organization. You may be a therapist, a sales executive, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a coach, a religious leader, or an HR manager. Whatever your surroundings, we want you to understand the people you work with, and the people you serve. We provide you with the tools to be able to apply temperament theory in whichever industry you are a part of so you can be a more effective leader, manager, educator, or advisor.

The Temperament Certification™ offers insight on People Matters™, and the applications of this knowledge are widely used for different purposes. The following is a partial list of different ways individuals have used the Temperament Certification. Individuals who are enrolled in the Temperament Certification process can receive training in the subjects described below through our Live Training classes or through One-on-One Training.

Conflict Resolution
Recruitment and Hiring
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Marketing and Messaging
Sales Tactics
Mission, Vision, and Values
Organizational DNA™
Counseling / Therapy
Employee Interaction
Employee Retention
Succession Planning
Instructional Design
Customer Strategy
Brand Image
Team Dynamics
Organizational Change
Teaching Curriculums

Features and Benefits of Being Certified

As a Temperament Certified professional, you receive the designation of being a Certified KTS-II Administrator. Certified KTS-II Administrators have access to our world class instructors, receive an additional 10% discount above Registered KTS-II Administrators, and are eligible to be a part of our reseller program. You will share in the following features and benefits:

Administrator Privileges

Track and View Results. As a Certified KTS-II Administrator, you have the ability to track and view each person’s results when they take the KTS-II through a session in your account. You can manage results for individuals, multiple teams, or for entire organizations. Your KTS-II Administrator account is hosted on our secure web servers, giving you access to your results at any time, without the need to purchase or install any software.

Reports for Your KTS-II Administrator Account. As an individual enrolled in the Temperament Certification program, you receive complimentary starter credits to deliver each of our individual Temperament Reports. Every Temperament Certified professional receives a credit for each report offered through our Administrator Platform. (The Corporate Temperament Report, the Learning Styles Temperament Report, the Classic Temperament Report, and the Career Temperament Report).


Access to Training and Resources

Access to Online Training Session Modules. For those enrolled in the Temperament Certification Live Training, One-on-One Training, or Customized Training courses, access to the Online Training course modules is complimentary. Access is provided so you can stay refreshed with what you have learned through the Temperament Certification course, and so that you may optimally prepare for the Certification Exam.

Access to Professional Reports. As a Temperament Certified professional, you have access to reports geared to professionals, teams, and large organizations. These reports are only offered through a KTS-II Administrator, and are not available to individual consumers who take the KTS-II through our general public website. These include the Corporate Temperament Report, Team Temperament Report, Organizational Analysis Reports, Customized Temperament Reports, and professional Power Point Presentation materials.


Preferred Pricing and Partner Opportunities

Group Discount Rates. As a Temperament Certified professional, you may pre-purchase report credits at discounted group rates. You have the option to purchase as many, or as few, report credits as you wish, and the ability to distribute them to whomever, and whenever, you wish. You may track used and unused report credits through your KTS-II Administrator account.

Eligibility for Reseller / Partner Programs. As a Temperament Certified professional, you receive an additional 10% discount on all of our products and services. You may also be eligible to become a part of our reseller/partner programs. Through your designation as a Temperament Certified professional, we provide the brand recognition for you to be able to engage clients and build your enterprise.

Referral Program Incentives. As an individual enrolled in the Temperament Certification, you have the opportunity to refer others to enroll in the Temperament Certification course. For each direct referral provided that results in course enrollment by the individual you referred, you receive additional password credits for individual temperament reports in your Administrator account.


Enhanced Experience for your Clients and Participants

Customization for Your Needs. As a Temperament Certified professional you have the ability to customize your clients’ experience through customizable features including: A custom URL web link with your company logo prominently placed on the web link; custom welcome and completion messages for your participants’ KTS-II session; the ability to turn on/off report access for your participants; the ability to receive email notifications whenever your participants take the KTS-II.

Available 24/7 for Participants. As a Certified KTS-II Administrator, your participants can take the KTS-II 24 hours a day, in a secure online environment. This allows you and your participants the flexibility to take the KTS-II at any time from any location that has a connection to the Internet. Scoring the results for the KTS-II happens automatically through our online system, and reports are generated instantaneously.

The Best-Fit Online® Process. As a Temperament Certified Professional, you will be able to administer the Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II to individuals and take advantage of our proprietary Best-Fit Online process to ensure greater precision of results for each of your participants taking the KTS-II. The Best-Fit Online process generates additional questions for people who score close to the mid point on any given scale category. This patent pending automated self verification process is only available to those who deliver the KTS-II in sessions administered on our Administrator Platform.

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