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Organizations from a broad spectrum of industries utilize the Temperament Certification™ to better understand and address the challenges and opportunities they face with their People Matters™. They have discovered that understanding the People Matters™ of their industry can be the greatest leverage for success.

Temperament Certified™ organizations use their knowledge of Keirsey Temperament Theory™ to apply it for a wide array of different solutions. The following is a partial list of different ways organizations have used the Temperament Certification.

Conflict Resolution
Recruitment and Hiring
Leadership Development
Executive Coaching
Marketing and Messaging
Sales Tactics
Mission, Vision, and Values
Organizational DNA™
Employee Interaction
Employee Retention
Succession Planning
Instructional Design
Customer Strategy
Brand Image
Team Dynamics
Organizational Change

An organization will arrange for individuals in various strategic parts of the organization to become Temperament Certified. These individuals can become certified through a Customized Training where a group from one organization can be trained together exclusively, or individuals from an organization may become certified through a Live Training class, or through One-on-One Training. The following areas of the organization represent strategic roles which are recommended for certification enrollment.

Human Resource Professionals
Organizational Development Consultants
Sales and Marketing Managers
Marketing Strategists
Divisional / Regional Leaders
Training Managers / Directors
Leadership Development Coaches
Instructional Designers
E-Learning Developers
Chief Learning Officers

No matter what industry your organization is a part of, every enterprise deals with people. We believe that people are an organization’s greatest asset, and that leveraging this asset is the greatest strategic driver for success. Whatever your organizational context may be, we want you to understand the people you work with, and the people you serve. We provide you with the tools to be able to apply temperament theory in whichever industry your organization represents.

Temperament Certified organizations have access to our world class instructors, receive discounts through enterprise agreements, and are eligible to create an enterprise partnership arrangement. In addition to the features and benefits offered to individuals who become Temperament Certified professionals, organizations with Temperament Certified professionals are eligible to receive special volume discounts, customized reports / solutions, and preferred pricing on consulting, training, and coaching services.

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