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To become certified in Synergy Leaders Coaching™, an individual must have a deep and broad understanding of Keirsey Temperament Theory™, and must first become Temperament Certified™. Once an individual is Temperament Certified, becoming certified in Synergy Leaders Coaching is conducted One-on-One with a seasoned Synergy Leaders Coach, and entails four stages:

Experience The first stage is for a candidate to experience first hand the process of being coached by a Synergy Leaders Coach.

Learn The second stage is for a candidate to be trained to coach in the Synergy Leaders Coaching process.

Facilitate The third stage is for a candidate to coach clients through the Synergy Leaders Coaching method.

Demonstrate The fourth stage is for a candidate to be evaluated on their coaching engagements by a seasoned Synergy Leaders Coach.

We believe that every coaching engagement is most successful when it is tied to the strategic objectives of an organization. For some clients, this means that an organization may elect to have their own staff become the providers of internal coaching within their organization using the Synergy Leaders Coaching process. For these clients, we provide a customized on site “Train the Coach,” and “Coach the Coach” programs. This kind of program is appropriate for existing internal coaches, organizational development and training professionals, or other staff members who show great promise in stepping into internal coaching roles.

To speak to a client relations specialist regarding training / certification in Synergy Leaders Coaching™ for yourself or your organization, please click here to fill out a contact form.

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