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To join the Synergy Leaders Coaching™ network, one must be Temperament Certified™ and have a track record of demonstrated results with high performance leaders. The Synergy Leaders Coaching brand is home of the Keirsey Temperament Theory™, and seeks to steward this entrustment with integrity, excellence and quality. The strength of both the Synergy Leaders and Keirsey brand depends on the quality of the services provided through our coaches. In keeping with our commitment to this standard, we require extensive training from each applicant, and we allow applicants to join the network by invitation only. If you are interested in joining the Synergy Leaders Coaching network, your first step is to become Temperament Certified and certified in the Synergy Leaders Coaching process.

Synergy Leaders Coaches are insightful, natural listeners, ethical, strategic, patient, and adaptive. They are experts in understanding leaders and the unique challenges they face. The orientation of the coach is “forward”, and centers on improvements in performance results. The Synergy Leaders Coaching network is a select group of extraordinarily talented executive coaches who possess the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrated Results. Synergy Leaders Coaches have a track record of achieving distinctive and enduring performance outcomes for senior leaders of the Fortune 500, major academic institutions, government, non-profit, social enterprises and faith based organizations.

  • Life Long Learners. Synergy Leaders Coaches are ferocious in their appetite to learn more about leadership and leaders. They are committed to reading, teaching, coaching, and being mentored in leadership studies and practices their entire lives. Synergy Leaders Coaches are required to meet a high standard of criteria for ongoing leadership development in their own lives.

  • Strengths Focused. Synergy Leaders Coaches are relentless about finding the greatest strengths of an individual. They are ever on the look out to help leaders grow in their greatest areas of potential brilliance. They are candid with clients when it seems that the outcomes sought are not in line with a client’s greatest strengths.

  • Engaging Connections. Synergy Leaders Coaches have the ability to engage their clients in such a way where clients are open, and show a willingness to trust and fully participate in the coaching process. They are trustworthy, have integrity, and can work in synergistic collaboration with their client.

For more information on becoming certified in Synergy Leaders Coaching™, please click here to fill out a contact form.

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