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Synergy Leaders Coaches come from a wide spectrum of industry backgrounds, and functional areas. Our coaches leverage an expansive repertoire of resources and experiences to provide strategic value for executives and for the enterprises they lead. Each Synergy Leaders Coach is a Temperament Certified™ professional, and has received extensive training in the Synergy Leaders Coaching™ process. They apply Keirsey Temperament Theory™ as experts in leadership development. Synergy Leaders Coaching services are customized to meet your company’s most important goals regarding your People Matters™. We provide coaching services in three main areas.


We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to enable them to achieve peak performance through providing facilitation from our experienced coaches. Our aim is to help high performance leaders leverage and maximize their greatest strengths.

for Internal

We work with internal coaches, training them in Keirsey Temperament Theory and the Synergy Leaders Coaching process. We take your internal coaches through the SLC process, both as a participant and from a facilitator’s point of view. Our aim is to equip your coaches with expertise.

We work with your instructional designers and training experts to build enterprise learning programs and mentoring initiatives which are shaped by an understanding of Keirsey Temperament Theory. Our aim is to help organizations create world class leadership development programs.

Through our global network, Synergy Leaders Coaches are accessible worldwide. In contrast with many coaching networks who simply are a loose federation of coaches, Synergy Leaders Coaches share similar values, methodology, and are rooted in common foundational learning based in Keirsey™. We seek to be a strategic provider of your organization’s coaching needs. We operate as one coaching firm providing our clients with integrated services.

Our coaching presumes that a one size fits all approach is not effective, and therefore each engagement is custom tailored to best fit each client’s objectives. The focus of Synergy Leaders Coaching™ is on measurable, sustainable impact leading to significant business results. Our business processes and pricing structures reflect this set of values.

To speak to a client relations specialist regarding a coaching engagement for yourself or your organization, please click here to fill out a contact form.

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