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The Emerging Leaders program is a summer internship designed for students with extraordinary leadership potential. We select summer interns on the basis of exceptionally high personal and intellectual potential and afford them tremendous opportunities for learning and development.

Successful candidates will have shown a track record of demonstrating intellectual excellence and leadership within and outside of their school context. We work with students from a wide array of backgrounds, celebrating the diversity of unique individuals. We are highly selective and we invite individuals who have the qualities that fit the Synergy Leaders values and culture. We are looking for individuals who demonstrate: focus, intellectual curiosity, sincerity, creativity, leadership, humility, and a drive for achieving excellence.

Summer interns go through our Temperament Certification™ program, and learn insights on People Matters™ that will prepare them for a life time of successful interpersonal interaction. We provide mentoring and coaching to help them better understand themselves, and develop their talent. We provide exposure to the work we do for clients, and allow interns to play a part in the development and implementation of ideas.

In addition to this extensive hands-on learning, summer interns will be part of a cohort of emerging leaders for orientation and formal training led by a senior consultant. Summer interns are an integral part of the Synergy Leaders community. Each summer a select few are chosen from among hundreds of applications for this once in a life time opportunity. To learn more, or to apply, please contact us by email at

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