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Synergy Leaders is the global provider of consulting, training, and coaching solutions utilizing Keirsey Temperament Theory™. For more than 50 years, Keirsey Temperament Theory has been utilized by the world’s leading organizations. Keirsey Solutions™ are used by the U.S. government and military, the world’s finest academic institutions, two thirds of the Fortune 500, prestigious global consulting firms, and innovative social enterprises and faith based organizations. The Keirsey mission has always been to help individuals and organizations address their most important challenges and opportunities they face with respect to their People Matters™.

Our Values

The values we hold at Synergy Leaders™ communicate who we are and govern what we do. Our values have been shaped over the past five decades, and find its roots in the Keirsey mission to help individuals and organizations with their most important People Matters™.


Leadership Development. We are committed to developing leaders. We believe that leaders have an internal drive to continually develop themselves and others. We attract and retain the best people and remain committed to their long-term growth and development. We believe that it takes the best to deliver the best. Our aim is to develop those we train and coach to become top professionals in the field of People Matters™.

Stewardship and Service. We serve as thoughtful, trustworthy stewards of the relationships we have with our clients. We seek to earn the trust of our clients by consistently providing superior service—always offering the very best of our resources, intellect, leadership and commitment. Our clients are at the center of all that we do.

Innovation and Research. We seek to be innovative in communicating our intellectual capital. Research and study have been the backbone of Keirsey, and it is this very commitment to such research that continually enhances and informs our understanding of human behavior, human interaction, talent, and leadership. We believe that a continued commitment to innovation and research will keep our understanding of People Matters™ relevant for the future.



People Matter. As a firm that is continually entrusted with the People Matters™ of an organization; we hold every opportunity to work with people as a special privilege. We believe that people are different and come from diverse backgrounds. Above all else we hold the highest regard for the unique character and talents of each individual. We believe that people are an organizations greatest asset. We believe that people matter.

Attentiveness and Candor. We are attentive listeners seeking to engage our clients, by understanding the underlying roots of problems. We are careful in analyzing data and information furnished to us by our clients. We are thoughtful and very candid in our advice. We tell the truth as we see it, regardless of the popularity of our views or their effect on our fees.

Long Term Partnerships. We believe in creating long-term “win-win” relationships with our clients. We look for opportunities where we can collaborate together to achieve extraordinary results. We seek to continually build the leadership capabilities of our clients, our partners and ourselves, to produce distinctive, lasting, and substantial performance outcomes.



Sustainable Results. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We synergize with clients to fully participate in the process and provide tools for continued success after an engagement is over. We seek to create tangible, lasting value in the service we provide.

Strategy and Implementation. We work synergistically with our clients to convert insight into strategy that will have a substantial impact on their People Matters. At the heart of what we do, we believe that strategy must lead to successful implementation for there to be lasting impact. We believe in working with our clients to help them internalize the strategies which are developed, in order to reach the intended goals and objectives.

Synergy in Teamwork. We believe that synergy on teams occurs when there is candor, constructive feedback and collaboration. We seek to bring our best thinking and our best work to clients. We aim for an environment where everyone feels like part of the team, yet makes different contributions based on their greatest talents and strengths. We seek to call forth the best out of each other to produce results.



Honor in Excellence. We strive to do our very best, and be the best in whatever we do. We recruit the best people, and offer only excellence in our delivery of solutions to our clients. We believe that our clients deserve nothing less than service of the highest quality. We believe that excellence is honorable and inspires people.

Integrity and Passion. We aim to provide distinctive service through who we are. As individuals, and as a firm, we commit to the highest professional standards. We are passionate about People Matters™, and strive to be models of the principles and practices we teach. As trusted advisors, we uphold absolute integrity and are passionate about what we do.

Social Responsibility. We are committed to working with our community, acting as responsible corporate citizens. We seek to make a difference in marriages, families, academic institutions, social enterprises and faith based organizations through providing cost-effective resources and solutions tailored for these groups. We value developing future leaders, and offer internships through our Emerging Leaders mentoring programs.

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